Real food is more than a fad

Real food is more than a fad, and more than a cute catchphrase, too.

But there are so many questions to be answered when it comes to real food:

  • How exactly do we define real food?
  • When you’re just starting out, what sorts of simple first steps should you take?
  • Which ingredients should you avoid? And how on earth do you read food labels in the first place? For that matter, can real food ever come in packages or from a regular grocery store?
  • And if a regular store is all you have, what do you buy?
  • Do you have to change how you cook, or are there simple switches and substitutions that you can make?
  • What about grains? Should we eat them at all? Should we just eat less of them or prepare them in special ways?
  • What if you’re a picky eater? How do you change your tastebuds?
  • Or one of the most common questions I hear… what if your husband and kids are resistant?
  • How on earth do you afford eating better foods when the budget is already tight?
  • What if all you know how to make are burnt offerings and things that come in a box?
  • How will you manage making your foods from scratch since you don’t have hours to spend each day in the kitchen?
  • Can you make healthier meals that still taste like the ones you’re used to? Can real food actually taste good?

I’m done with complicated eating.

Why does eating always have to seem so complicated? It doesn’t need to be. I’ve been studying nutrition for years, gotten myself all twisted up and turned around at times, and take it from me… it can actually be boiled down to something far more straightforward and manageable that it seems.

Food, even (or maybe especially) healthy food, is meant to be enjoyed. You should actually want to eat these things that are good for you. And it shouldn’t require intensive study or complicated calculations to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Yes, science speaks to the matter, but I don’t think that what we put in our mouths should ever be reduced purely to scientific theories, iPhone apps, faddish diets, or deprivation.

We can focus on real, whole foods, the types of foods that our great-great-great-grandparents would have eaten and recognized, and make them delicious, without feeling like the nutrition police are out to get us.

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